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New members:
how to sign up, pricing & siblings' discounts

Hackney Wolves is an emerging basketball club in the area of lower Clapton. Our aim is to have a strong community of basketball, developing children´s physical, social and emotional abilities from a young age, as well as representing our community in the highest national league.

Hackney Wolves count with over 300 players registered and teams in the national leagues for the season 2022/23.

For beginners, we have multiple open sessions available to gain the essential skills of basketball. Our open sessions are free of commitment, you can attend as many as you desire and when convenient and they are designed for children between years 1 - 9.

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Hackney Wolves use the software & app "Coacha"          to manage and administer our club admin. We ask parents to sign up using the app. You can access it through the browser or download it from your app store.


With the app, you will create a profile for your child and be able to add your details safely and update them quickly, as well as see any note the coach may leave regarding your child. With the "Coacha" app, you can also see upcoming training, book your child and the prices for the sessions. All your payments will be reflected in your profile, easy to track your child's attendance and payments. 

*Please note that you can only make payments using Coacha through your browser or the links that you receive in your email. The android and IOS devices don't allow payments. 

Please follow the links below to sign up for our club

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   Download the app 

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One-off sessions 

(Pay as you go)

90 Min Session - £7.00

60 Min Session - £5.00


10 Sessions Bundle



Wolves Membership

*For team players only

14 Sessions per month + Games


Siblings Discounts

Family Discount

All siblings have a 30% discount on all sessions


10 Sessions Bundle



We will be in touch shortly

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