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Position-Specific Basketball Camp

22nd to 26th July 2024

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch


Our Position-Specific Basketball Camp is designed for young athletes aged 11-16. This camp provides specialized training for guards, forwards, and centers, helping each player develop well-rounded skills and a deep understanding of all positions on the court.

Camp Overview

Dates: Monday 22nd to Friday 26th July
Time: 9 AM - 3 PM daily
Location: Mulberry Academy Shoreditch,  E2 6NW


Daily Topics


Fundamentals and Position Introduction

Everyone will focus on the basics of ball handling, footwork, and post moves. This includes dribbling drills, agility exercises, and defensive positioning to establish a solid foundation for the week.


Offensive Skills Development

The day will be dedicated to enhancing offensive skills. Participants will practice advanced dribbling techniques, shooting from various positions on the court, and executing pick-and-rolls. Emphasis will be on scoring from both the perimeter and the post.


Defensive Skills Development

Defensive skills take center stage with drills focused on on-ball defense, stealing techniques, and shot blocking. Participants will learn how to protect the rim, box out opponents, and effectively rebound.


Game Situations and Strategy

Participants will engage in game situation drills, including fast break execution, reading defenses, and transition offense. They will practice off-the-ball movement, setting screens, and understanding team defensive strategies.


Comprehensive Skills Challenge

The week concludes with a skills challenge and review. Participants will compete in shooting contests, dribbling obstacle courses, and rebounding drills. The day will end with scrimmages to apply the skills learned throughout the week.

Daily Schedule


9:00 AM: Arrival and "Do now's" activities.
9:45 AM: The camp begins

11:00 AM: Break Time  (Healthy Snacks & Fruit)
12:15 PM: Lunch Break

2 PM: Parents are welcome to watch 
2:40 PM: Cool Down, Stretching and Reflection of the day.
2:55 PM: Pick-Up

​Easter Camp Recap

Catch a glimpse of the fun and learning at our Easter camp! Watch the video below to see highlights of the activities and fun.




£100 | 5 Days
       £25 |Single Day

For new or regular members



 £50 | 5 Days
       £12.5 |Single Day

For players on a monthly membership

(Bundles not included)


Enjoy a 50% discount on our Easter Camp for your second child! This fantastic offer also extends to siblings included in any membership, ensuring your family can experience the joy of basketball together.

Choose "BASKETBALL CAMP | MEMBERSHIP " option to access the siblings discount.

Spaces are limited – secure your spot today!

How to book

Why Choose Our Camp?

  • Enhanced Coordination: Learn basketball through rhythmic drills and games that sync with upbeat tunes.

  • Boost Engagement: Experience drills and games transformed into fun activities with the integration of music.

  • Creative Expression: Encourage creativity with dance and basketball routines designed by the campers themselves.

  • Social Interaction: Build teamwork and friendships through group activities and performances.

  • New Mini Basketball Hoops: Perfect for beginners and younger players, our new hoops make learning basketball accessible and fun for all skill levels!

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience!





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Thank You for Considering Our Camp

We look forward to helping you achieve your basketball goals.

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